With plenty years of experience behind us, we take on multiple projekts/works of various kinds of metal-works, in our factory, wich is well equipped by more than 30 of our machine- tools

Our products

Components manufacturing

Metal working

Metal cutting

Production of sub-assemblies, assembly

Welding works



Heat and suface treated components-manufacturing

We take on the execution of komplex (production kind of) projects, beginning from product innovation to the serial production. On the level of parts manufacturing, the emerging tasks – as heat treatment, and surface treatment procedures, or various kinds of staining/coating- are provided through our wide partnership network.

Heat treatment procedures

  • hardening
  • case hardening
  • vacuum hardening
  • gas nitriding/ plasma nitriding

Surface treatment procedures

  • chemical buing
  • electro plating
  • nickel plating
  • chroming
  • hard chroming

Staining/Coating technologies

  • powder coating
  • KTL coating
  • traditional spray painting
We are able to manufacture beyond the level of parts manifacturing, next to that we are producing complete assembled sub-assemblies, mechanisms, and other complex products.

In case of serial manufacturing of products, we can make a suggestion of an optimal technology of production. If the product would be provided from a casted, forged, or punched prematerial, than after the wish of the client we tool it up, then we provide these prematerial pieces through our partners, and than we mill/machine them.

The applied producing sciences of these prematerial products are the followings: sand moulding, gravity die casting, precision casting, forging, punching, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting. By the production of complex projects, we provide processes like assembly, or wrapping and packaging.

In many cases our clients come to us with projects that is about component-productions, so we accomplished from the unique, customised orders to the simpler ideas, many of projects.

Next to the component-production, in a big ratio we fulfil other staple-productions.

With our work we not only want to serve the hungarian market, but we are present on the export market as well, we are really open for the new clients coming from Hungary or anywhere else.

Beginning from 1998 for a long timeperiod had priority in our profile: the serving of the railway vehicle industry. In this project we served with innovative ideas and products, among others the Austrian, Slovenian, Iranian, or the Swiss railway development.

Our present profile; precision parts manufacturing, and sub-assembly-production of various medical diagnostic appliances.

Since 1998 has our business a quality certification of ISO 9001, so with this we were able to became the supplier of several european noted companies, such as the ÖBB, Siemens, Continental, Balluff, Le Belier, Liss…

We are trying to keep our eyes peeled, and have an open mind, and take part in the development of new and innovative products, because you never know, what the future brings.

Our projects so far:

  • Part manufacturing of medical diagnostical appliances

  • Production of chipped components

  • Production of components for the vehicle-industry (railway and automotive industry)

  • Components for instrument engineering

  • General machinery parts

  • Production of chipped components for food industrial appliances

  • Development and production of new and innovative appliances