Since the start of the company in 1984, we have proved, that we are able to meet the constantly renewable requirements. At the time of the start of the business, the socket head cap screws (in Hungarian: „Imbusz-screw”) were in short supply, so we started to produce it. We earned our name from that time. Since 1984 we have grown out the garage, where we started, and now we have our own, well-equipped depot. We have managed to exceed even our own imagination. Today we are working with a wide and diverse profile, mainly we produce cutted engine parts.

Currently our main profile includes CNC machining, parts manufacturing and additional activities. We are mostly charged with production on CNC machine-tools, although we use the traditional technologies of manifacturing as well. We work in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001.
We are proud, that we were able to to improve ourselfs, not just in the growth of our depot or machine park, but also the continuously developments, by the help of that, we had the opportunity to grow. This tendency we would like to keep on in the future.

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